Fluorescent UV Testing/Condensation Cabinet – ASTM G 154 (Formerly ASTM G 53)

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ASTM G154 G53 Ultraviolet Testing Laboratory

Test background and description:

ASTM G154 uses a combination of fluorescent light and water to simulate exposure to sunlight and rain or dew. The sunlight exposure being simulated can either be direct or through window glass.

Different UV light sources are used, depending on the type of material to be tested and conditions. For example, one lamp type is used for simulating direct sunlight or testing polymers or textiles, while another is more appropriate for simulating sunlight through window glass.

Exposure conditions can be varied through: different UV lamps, their irradiance levels, and temperature; and the timing of the light and moisture exposure.

Different UV and condensation exposure cycles and temperatures can be used. A typical cycle is 8 hours UV at 60 degrees C, followed by 4 hours condensation at 50 degrees C. A typical test can run hundreds or thousands of hours.

Sample description:

Panels are typically 3” by 6” by 1/32”. If a larger test panel is required, a holder can be constructed to accommodate larger panels up to about 12” by 40”.

Several panels of each coating of interest can be prepared. This allows one set to be removed at each specified time interval, providing a convenient side-by-side comparison of the control and comparative or competitive panels.

Additional related tests:

ASTM G 154 is technically similar to ISO 4892-3 and ISO DIS 11507.

Consulting on corrosion problems is also available. Our light microscopymetallography, and mechanical testing laboratories can provide a full suite of tests to support your material characterization program.