Team with a company that has received the R&D 100 Award for four times, by having one of the top 100 innovations of the year – what has been called The Oscars of Invention.

Touchstone Research Laboratory is a broad-based product development research facility which focuses on the development of next-generation, over the horizon materials and products.


For more than 25 years, Touchstone has worked with over a thousand companies to improve their products, or develop completely new products, making an impact in the economy of billions of dollars annually.

We’ve developed a unique product development methodology…
Fast, Creative, and Versatile…

Whatever your needs for new materials or new products – from ideation to product launch, Touchstone stands ready to serve!

It’s all about Innovation

Imagine a full blown research facility with electron microscopes, chemistry laboratories, mechanical testing laboratories, finite element analysis, a design center, scientists and engineers of all types and much much more…

A research facility that adapts to your needs – not built for narrow goals – but built to be innovative.

For over 30 years we have worked on dozens of projects which have run the technology gamut from new aluminum alloys, new composite ship wall panels, new exhaust systems, new ways to build composite aircraft, new products made from coal, new large-scale algae growing technologies, and lots lots more.

Breakthrough Management

The success of Touchstone is created by having a wide variety of extraordinary experts both inside and outside Touchstone combined with a unique management style very similar to that used by Thomas Alva Edison at the world’s first industrial research facility.

The Invention Factory

While not at the scale of Thomas Edision’s laboratory, Touchstone has averaged a patent application per month for over 10 years, a feat rarely seen in all but the largest research organization.

Award Winning

Touchstone has won awards, almost too many to count. A 4 time winner of the R&D 100 Awards, recognizing the 100 world’s most important technologies brought to market in any year. A 4 time Tibbets Award winner – the top award for the Small Business Innovation Research world. And many others…

We want to be Your Research and Development Organization

Whatever your innovations needs, we want to help you. Whether it’s the development of a new material or a new product or improving an old product, please call us. If it happens to be outside our bailiwick, we’ll help you find someone who can help. With 2 acres under roof, I don’t think you’ll find another organization with so much to offer at one location.

Call us at Touchstone…