Salt Spray Testing (Salt Fog Testing)


ASTM B117 Salt Spray Corrosion Testing is used primarily to compare the corrosion resistance of painted or metal coated samples. The test has been used for almost 100 years, and has been standardized as ASTM B117 since 1939.

Salt Solution: A standard ASTM B117 salt solution consisting of 5 parts (by weight) of sodium chloride to 95 parts water is prepared. The water used in this testing is compliant with the ASTM D1193 Specification for Reagent Water, Type IV.

pH Range: 6.5 to 7.2

Test Temperatures: The exposure zone is to be kept at 35 +/- 2°C (95+/- 3°F). The temperature in the saturation (bubble) tower is to be kept between 46 and 49°C (114-121°F).

Test Cycle: ASTM B117 is a continuous spray (fog) test.

Test Duration: Tests can range from <24 hours to thousands of hours depending upon the material being tested.

Additional Information: Touchstone has tested both coupons and entire components for automotive, aerospace, and other industries. If you are interested in coupon testing, we can prepare and coat the edges, to eliminate edge corrosion.

In addition to ASTM B117 salt spray testing, Touchstone performs other corrosion testing such as SWAAT or CASS testing. We can also conduct tests to third party specifications in the aerospace, military, or automotive areas such as General Motors GM Salt Spray corrosion testing specification GM4298P.

Touchstone has several salt spray cabinets and can conduct both standard and customized testing to ASTM B117 (B-117, B117).

Consulting on corrosion problems is also available. Our light microscopymetallography, and mechanical testing laboratories can provide a full suite of tests to support your material characterization program.

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