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ASTM C1358 – Compression Testing of Fiber Reinforced Advanced Ceramics

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ASTM C1358 testing covers the determination of compressive strength including stress-strain behavior under monotonic uniaxial loading of continuous fiber-reinforced advanced ceramics at ambient temperatures.

Specimen fabrication methods, testing modes (load, displacement, or strain control), testing rates (load rate, stress rate, displacement rate, or strain rate) allowable bending, and data collection and reporting procedures are addressed in the method. Compressive strength as used in this test method refers to the compressive strength obtained under monotonic uniaxial loading where monotonic refers to a continuous nonstop test rate with no reversals from test initiation to final fracture.

The ASTM recommends a minimum of five test specimens for statistical analysis After testing and specimen analysis, Touchstone will report the Critical Euler buckling stress, compressive strength, strain at compressive strength, fracture strength in compression, strain at fracture strength in compression, Modulus of elasticity in compression, Poisson’s ratio (if applicable), Proportional limit stress in compression (if applicable), strain at proportional limit stress (if applicable).

The results from this test method may be used for material development, material comparison, quality assurance, characterization, reliability assessment, and design data generation.

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Reference: ASTM C1358 – Standard Test Method for Monotonic Compressive Strength Testing of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Advanced Ceramics with Solid Rectangular Cross-Section Test Specimens at Ambient Temperatures