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ASTM C273 – Shear Properties Testing of Sandwich Core Materials


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The ASTM C273 test determines the shear properties of sandwich construction core materials associated with shear distortion of planes parallel to the facings. These properties include the shear strength parallel to the plane of the sandwich, and the shear modulus associated with strains in a plane perpendicular to the facings. This is done by pinning a sandwich or core specimen to the loading plates and conducting either the tension or the compression test to that sample. The test specimen usually has a thickness equal to that of the sandwich, a width no less than 50mm (2 in.), and a length no less than 12 times the thickness.

This test provides information on the load-deflection capabilities of the core, which makes it possible to determine the core’s shear stress at any load and can help produce an effective core shear modulus.

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Reference: ASTM C273/C273M – Shear Properties of Sandwich Core Materials