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ASTM C393 – Core Shear Properties Testing of Sandwich Constructions by Beam Flexure

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ASTM C393 is in Touchstone’s NADCAP and ISO 17025 scope.

Sandwich constructions are increasingly being used as high-strength, light-weight components, and therefore, standard test methods are being developed and used to determine critical properties and strength assessments.

ASTM C393 testing covers the test procedures to determine many of these properties in a flatwise flexure configuration. The test consists of three or four-point bending of the samples with load and deflection measurements. Many different properties can be determined from a single set of tests, such as sandwich flexural stiffness, the core shear strength and shear modulus, and facing strength. Tests to evaluate core shear strengths may also be used to determine core-to-facing bond strength.

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References: ASTM C393 – Standard Test Method for Core Shear Properties of Sandwich Constructions by Beam Flexure