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ASTM D3528 – Strength Properties Testing of Double Lap Shear Adhesive Joints by Tension Loading

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ASTM D3528 testing determines the tensile shear strengths of adhesives used for bonding metals together. The accuracy of these results depends widely upon the conditions that the bonding process is carried out. In order to ensure that all of the information needed in this test is complete, the manufacturer of the adhesive must provide specific information about each of the following variables:

  1. Surface preparation
  2. Mixing directions
  3. Adhesive application
  4. Assembly conditions
  5. Curing conditions
  6. Testing conditions

A range of values may be used for any of these variables as long as every value in that range is acceptable by the test operator. The test is conducted by using the adhesive to bond two thin pieces of metal to another piece of metal, then using a machine to pull them apart. The data collected from this process will be enough to determine the maximum, minimum, average, and coefficient of variation for the stress at failure, and the nature of failure, including the estimated percentage of failure in cohesion and adhesion or metal failure. This data can be used for the process control and specification or research and development of adhesives.

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Reference: ASTM D3528 – Standard Test Method for Strength Properties of Double Lap Shear Adhesive Joints by Tension Loading