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ASTM D7078 – Shear Properties Testing of Composite Materials by V-Notched Rail Shear

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ASTM D7078 testing determines the shear properties of high-modulus fiber-reinforced composite materials by clamping the ends of V-notched specimens between two pairs of loading rails. Applying a tensile load will introduce shear forces into the specimen through the specimen faces. This loading allows higher shear forces to be applied to the specimen.

ASTM D5379 loads the specimen through its top and bottom edges while ASTM D7078 loads the specimen through the specimen faces.

In anisotropic materials, testing may be performed in any of the six possible shear planes. The properties that may be obtained from this test method include shear stress vesus engineering strain response, ultimate shear strength, ultimate engineering shear strain and shear chord modulus of elasticity.

This method is designed to produce shear property data that may be used for material specification, research and development, quality assurance and structural design and analysis.

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Reference: ASTM D7078 – Standard Test Method for Shear Properties of Composite Materials by V-Notches Rail Shear Method