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ASTM D732 – Shear Strength Testing of Plastics

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ASTM D732 testing covers the punch-type shear test and is intended for use in determining the shear strength of test specimens of organic plastics in the form of sheets and molded disks in thicknesses from 0.127 to 12.7 mm (0.050 to 0.500 in.).

Shear strength obtained by a tool of the punch type is one of the recognized methods of comparing materials or obtaining data for engineering design. However, it must be recognized that for end-use application there may be many factors not taken into account in this test method, such as stress-concentrating geometrics and rates of shear, which can profoundly affect shear strength. Moreover, the fact that the shear strength is calculated by dividing the load by the area of the shear strength is calculated by dividing the load by the area of the sheared edge (circumference X thickness) should not be interpreted as indicating that the shear strength value so obtained is solely a material property, independent of thickness.

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Reference: ASTM D732 – Standard Test Method for Shear Strength of Plastics by Punch Tool