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ASTM E436 – Drop-Weight Tear Tests for Ferritic Steels

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ASTM E436 testing covers the drop-weight tear test (DWTT) on ferritic steels with thicknesses between 3.18 and 19.1 mm (0.125 and 0.750 in.). Results may be used to determine the appearance of propagating fractures in plain carbon or low-alloy pipe steels (yield strength less than 825 MPa).

The specimen is supported in such a way that sidewise rotation is prohibited. The vertical-drop-weight machine has a 2000 ft·lbs capability (2712 J). The method calls for a specimen that is 3 by 12 in. (76.2 by 305mm) by full-plate thickness edge-notched bend specimen employing a pressed notch. The specimens are evaluated by determining the percent shear area of the fracture surface neglecting the fracture e surface for a distance of one specimen thickness from the root of the notch and the fracture surface for a distance of one specimen thickness from the edge struck by the hammer.

Properties determined by this test method may be used for research and development, evaluation of materials, and specification purposes.

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Reference: ASTM E436- Standard Test Method for Drop-Weight Tear Tests for Ferritic Steels.