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Touchstone metallographers have the experience needed for your brass metallographic needs.

Brass metallography, photo by Touchstone Research Laboratory

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Since its inception in 1980, Touchstone has metallographically prepared a wide variety of brass specimens for reasons ranging from failure analysis to microstructural evaluations of forgings. These samples can be difficult to polish due to their tendency to smear during the final polishing stages. Subsequent etching of the specimens can then lead to the exposure of scratches caused during course and fine grinding.

Once the top layer of material is removed by etching, these scratches become evident. Years of experience in dealing with brass has allowed Touchstone to develop procedures to minimize scratches and produce quality, structurally sound images.

Whether simple photomicrographs of your samples are all that’s needed, or an in depth alloy study assisted by our on site PhD metallurgist, we are certain that the staff at Touchstone will be the answer to your brass metallography needs.Touchstone is equipped to provide brass metallography services that encompass initial sample preparation such as cutting and mounting as well as polishing, etching, and even image analysis through the use of our stereomicroscopes, inverted light microscope, or one of our three scanning electron microscopes (SEM).

In addition to capturing the microstructure of your brass sample, Touchstone can take it one step further and provide mechanical, corrosive, and chemical properties through the use of our mechanical testing , corrosion , and chemistry laboratories.

Whatever your brass metallographic needs, Touchstone has the personnel and equipment necessary to provide the quality and service you require.