Over the last ten years, this group has done over 40 million dollars worth of basic research and commercialization of carbon based materials.

Advanced Carbons

Advanced-Carbons_0000_carbon-4Touchstone has world class scientists and researchers working on next-generation carbon materials.
A few of the areas where our expertise or products have been applied include: composite tooling, radar, EMI, thermal protection systems (TPS), ablation shields, rocket nozzles, electrodes, collector/ bipolar plates, catalyst supports, optical benches, friction materials, blast shields, leading edge surfaces, pultrusion and extrusion dies, heat exchangers, kiln furniture, and bearings.

We have unique capabilities related to the development of carbon materials. The personnel and equipment make it easy to study and develop new carbon materials and processes.

Experimental equipment needed for the development of carbon materials includes: DSC, TGA, CTE equipment, air permeability, electrical resistivity, radar absorption, electron microscopes.

X-ray diffraction (XRD) capability using a Thermal ARL X-Ray Diffractometer System is used to study crystal structure changes within carbon materials to determine carbonization and graphitization levels.

We also have a helium pycnometer, ICP, SEM/EDS, petrography, traditional and microwave kilns, and very well equipped mechanical testing and wet chemistry laboratories.

Our processing equipment includes large autoclaves, electric and microwave kilns, and graphitization furnaces.

Our dedicated composites and product integration group is capable of assisting you with the transition of your carbon materials into the market. This includes the mechanical design tools and prototype building and testing to demonstrate material capability.

Touchstone is truly a unique carbon material development laboratory that can provide the research, design, analysis, prototyping, and testing you need.

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