Coal Product Development

The future for coal is bright as the sun

Perhaps no other laboratory in the world has developed a wider set of commercial products developed from coal than Touchstone.

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Coal can do amazing things!

  • Touchstone has developed coal products that help make airplanes more efficient and less expensive to build. Coal products have protected soldiers in times of combat and built the world’s fastest sail boats.
  • Touchstone is showing how coal can be used to evolve a whole new generation of rockets and a make our Navy ships safer and more stealthy.
  • And coal products developed at Touchstone can make hurricane-resistant and fireproof buildings
  • There is a future for coal and Touchstone is not just inventing it but is spinning out multiple manufacturing businesses to commercialize these amazing products. Check out and

Let us develop Coal Products for you?

If you want to do something unique with coal there is no better coal research and development laboratory on earth. Please call or email us. We want to talk to you about the future of coal.