Accelerated Life and Corrosion Testing

A number of accelerated tests used to evaluate the performance of paint films or paint film systems in protecting metal substrates in various environments are available in our Accelerated Life and Corrosion Lab.

#Among the materials that have been tested in TRL’s accelerated life laboratory are painted steel construction panels, laquor coated hardware such as door knobs and locks, metallic-coated products, stainless steel, copper-base alloys, urethane coated bronze plaques, aluminum alloys, metal matrix composites, polymer composites, inorganic foams, and plastics.

Touchstone can also provide assistance with corrosion protection and prevention by selection of materials and various practices which include the use of inhibitors, anodic and cathodic protection, and selection of organic and metallic protective coatings.

Touchstone has bench scale electrochemical tests to measure corrosion potential of various metals and alloys.

Whatever your corrosion problem, contact us at Touchstone Research Laboratory.