Paint and Coatings Volatile Content Testing – ASTM D2369 & EPA Method 24

VOC testing, will often include utilizing ASTM D2369 test standards for finding volatile organic compound in coatings and paint. VOC testing describes a procedure for the determination of the weight percent volatile content of solvent-reducible and water-reducible coatings.

A designated quantity of a coated specimen is weighed in an aluminum foil dish containing 3 ml of an appropriate solvent, dispersed, and heated in an oven at 110 ± 5º C for 60 min. The percent volatile is calculated from the loss in weight.

ASTM D2369 is the procedure of choice for determining volatiles in coatings for the purpose of calculating the volatile organic content in coatings under specified test conditions. The inverse value, nonvolatile, is used to determine the weight percent solids content. This information is useful to the paint producer, the paint user and to environmental interests for determination of the volatiles emitted by coatings.

EPA Method 24 for Analysis of Total Volatiles is equivalent to ASTM D 2369.

Reference: ASTM D2369 Standard Test Method for Volatile Content of Coatings

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