Resistance Furnace


Touchstone has numerous resistance furnaces of different sizes which operate to 1800 deg F (1000 deg C). Most utilize nichrome heating elements. They are very versatile for a wide variety of heat treatment studies.

Solutionizing, precipitation hardening, quenching and aging, homogenizing and recrystallization anneal of cold work aluminum alloys have been studied along with a wide assortment of steel heat treatment studies. A resistance furnace is used for preheating ingot slices for hot rolling with Touchstone’s experimental rolling mill.

Inserts can be placed into these furnaces to enable heat treatment in various atmospheres or to analyze volatile components.

Touchstone also has a selection of glo-bar furnaces. This type of furnace uses silicon carbide resistance heating elements capable of maximum temperatures of about 2700 deg F (1500 deg C) in air. Inserts can be placed in these furnaces for controlled atmosphere heat treatment studies.