Examples of materials commonly prepared and examined include:


Titanium metallography with Krolls' Etch, photo by Touchstone Research Laboratory www.trl.comTouchstone has the tools and experience to handle yourtitanium and titanium alloy metallographic sample preparationneeds…

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Titanium is a metal that is expensive to produce but yields great benefits in the world of engineering. It has a high strength to weight ratio and excellent anti-corrosive and heat resistant properties that make it very attractive as a top engineering material. Touchstone has many years of experience metallographically preparing titanium and titanium alloy (e.g. Ti 6-4) samples, as well as Titanium Matrix Composites (TMC). A typical project could include alloy classification as well as failure analysis investigations.

Touchstone is equipped to provide titanium and titanium alloy metallography services that encompass initial sample preparation such as cutting and mounting as well as polishing, etching, and even image analysis through the use of our stereomicroscopes, inverted light microscope, or one of our three scanning electron microscopes (SEM).

In addition to capturing the microstructure of your particular titanium alloy, Touchstone can take it one step further and provide mechanical, corrosive, and chemical properties through the use of our mechanical testing , corrosion , and chemistry laboratories.

Whatever your titanium metallographic needs, Touchstone has the personnel and equipment necessary to provide the quality and service you require.