Due to the very large number of tests offered, descriptions of those most commonly requested have been gathered into the following groups:

ASTM C1275 – Tensile Testing of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Advanced Ceramics (CFCC’s)

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ASTM C1275 testing determines the tensile strength of continuous fiber-reinforced advanced ceramics at ambient temperatures. The tensile strength referred to in this test is the kind obtained under monotonic uniaxial loading. It applies to all advanced ceramic matrix composites with continuous fiber reinforcement (1-D, 2-D, and 3-D), and may also be used with glass (amorphous) matrix composites with continuous fiber reinforcement.

The test sample can be of any geometry as long as it meets the gripping, fracture location, and bending requirements of the test method. The test is run by gripping the sample vertically at both ends and pulling it until fracture. Monotonic unixial loading is applied where monotonic refers to a continuous nonstop test rate with no reversals from test initiation to final fracture.

Touchstone engineers have extensive experience in specialized tabbing and alignment of samples, critical to testing this type of material. The resulting data from ASTM C1275 includes tensile strength, fracture strength, Poisson’s ratio, modulus of elasticity, modulus of resilience, and modulus of toughness.

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Reference: ASTM C1275 – Standard Test Method for Monotonic Tensile Behavior of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Advanced Ceramics with Solid Rectangular Cross-Section Test Specimens at Ambient Temperature