Since 1983 Touchsone Research Laboratory has provided fast, accurate and affordable failure analysis to a wide range of industries – from underground mines to advanced spacecraft.

Aluminum Window Frame Rusting

Touchstone specializes in Failure Analysis – the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a failure and how to prevent it from recurring.

During the construction of an industrial building, the contractor noticed the window frames developed what appeared to be white stains.

Touchstone was asked to determine the cause of the problem.

Under a stereo microscope, it appeared the white stains were the locations where the anodizing had been chemically stripped off the aluminum.

Samples of the aluminum frames and various materials used in construction were tested and it was found that a decorative white brick was releasing caustic lime when the water ran over the surface.

This caustic leachate dissolved the coating from the window frames.

This is only one example of the thousands of failure investigations Touchstone has performed for industries in construction, aluminum, and numerous other manufacturers.

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