Since 1983 Touchsone Research Laboratory has provided fast, accurate and affordable failure analysis to a wide range of industries – from underground mines to advanced spacecraft.

Methane Sensor Failure Analysis

Touchstone evaluated a mine methane sensor which was suspected of failure.

The question of lead wire breakage on the internal sensor bead was resolved by SEM examination of the broken wire end.

The presence of fatigue striations on the broken end showed that vibration had probably caused the unit to fail.

The equipment design, however, still allowed the equipment to operate regardless of local atmospheric conditions.

The system was redesigned to provide “fail-safe” operation where the previous design could allow sensor failure yet allow equipment to operate.

This is only one example our failure analysis work related to electrical / electronic equipment, whether in a mine or other industry.

Touchstone has performed failure analysis for both manufacturers and for the Federal Government, sometimes to provide a basis for product improvement and sometimes just to find the cause of a failure.

Whether your need is failure analysis or product or process development, Touchstone stands ready to assist you.